Super dependable– The break beam sensors can be spaced up to 300 feet apart. It will detect people or vehicles that pass in between them and then it will send a signal to the receiver up to 1 mile away. Can be used to monitor driveways, back yards, tool sheds, etc.
Easy installation– Includes mounts for both a flat surface and a pipe mount. Up to 16 sensors can be paired with one receiver or an unlimited number of receivers can be paired to one sensor. Simple code-learning technology means you can have this set up in minutes.
Dual solar panels– Each beam unit has two solar panels to help ensure proper charging throughout the day.
Longest wireless range in its class– One mile wireless range is much greater than other products that claim ¼ mile or ½ mile. The long range means the radio signal is more likely to get through to the receiver.

This kit comes with  1 pair of SBB-4000 sensors and 1 DCR-4000 receiver.