RE-4k Plus


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  • Easy installation- Up to 16 sensors can be paired with one receiver or an unlimited number of receivers can be paired to one sensor. Simple code-learning technology means you can have this set up in minutes. The receiver will play one of 16 tunes whenever a signal is received.
  • Will give relay and/or 12 VDC output when a signal is received. The two Form “C” relays can be connected to an alarm control or home automation panel (not included) to act as a hard wired zone for the panel.
  • The 12 VDC output can be used to power a bell, siren, strobe or any other 12 VDC device (not included).
  • The output duration can be set for either 1, 5, 15 seconds or 5 minutes.
  • Four different volume levels to give you just the right sound level for your application.