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January 2, 2019


Happy new year! I want to thank you for your continued support of Dakota Alert in the last year. 2018 was an exciting year for us and it looks like 2019 will be even more exciting.

With 2019 at hand, we will be discontinuing our 2500 Series. This has been a great product line for us and customers over the years but unfortunately, due to supply issues, we are no longer able to support it. Some of the components have gone end of life and we are just not able to produce the receivers any more. Although we will be out of stock on the DCR-2500 very soon, we are still able to supply the PR-2500 and the various sensors (DCMT-2500, DCPT-2500, UT-2500, IR-2500, BBT-2500) for a longer period. The lack of the DCR-2500 is going to affect the kits (DCMA-2500, DCPA-2500, BBA-2500, etc.) and we will not be able to offer those.

Next week we will be launching a new series of wireless sensors at the 2019 International CES in Las Vegas. Our new series of products will have a longer wireless range (about a mile) and the receiver will also offer 12 different tunes. The first version of the receiver will not have voltage or relay outputs but we will have a second version receiver with outputs available by late Spring or early Summer.

We will continue to support and service any of the 2500 series products that customers have purchased for the next several years.

Although change can sometimes be frustrating, we anticipate that the introduction of our new series will make for a better product for our customers.


Jason Quam

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